With the Ag-Bag composting system you obtain total control, no smell and no leakage.

Composting is a natural form of recycling that is constantly ongoing in nature. CompoNordic represent one of Sweden’s innovations in composting organic material. Its quick, easy to handle for a user and can be implemented easily in any region of Colombia. Completed compost material is filled into the loading charger of the machine and pressed by means of a hydraulic piston through a tunnel to the a composting bag mounted on the machine. The unique construction provides a balanced mixture of composting materials (organic waste and 30% structural material, maximum 50-55% water content) a odor and leachate-free composting process. On top of that, the approach can be used for biogas recovery.

If you are an industrial, governmental or private entity interested increasing organic recycling capacity of a region, increasing work opportunity and reducing climate change impacts, the CompoNordic system is ideal for you! Contact us for more information on this innovative technology.