HiNation is a Swedish company that makes renewable energy to empower people in countries with unstable electricity or to simply increase access of products with a renewable energy concept and not relying on the national grid. High quality products mixed with innovation has allowed products to be developed on an individual level and farming communities. 

The Home Solar Kit - charging kit designed for a home environment. This is a great package for any home that is suffering from an unstable connection of electricity or simply would like to increase the independence your house! The products are allowed to be charged by the sun or through en electricity plug in the wall. This package includes several components. 

  • Sunny Solar Panel is an effective solar panel with a foldable and durable design. It is equipped with an USB port and fully charges a Delight power bank in approximately 5 hours. 
  • Charity Powerbank charges with the Sunny Solar Panel or an electrical outlet. Charity has the capacity to charge your smartphone up to three times on one charge, and can also charge other electrical devices. The powerbank is equipped with two USB outputs and one micro-USB input. Can be used to charge up to two devices at the same time.

  • Ruby hanging lamp is a handy lamp that connects through USB. You can connect three 3W lamps with Cheerful USB 4 port hub to Charity power bank and get light for 12 hours. 

  • Cheerful is an easy to use USB hub that connects to Delight, Highlight or another USB output. It is useful for when you want to connect several devices at the same time.