C2C want to be part of the transformation that is driving Colombia from a complicated past to a prosperous, optimistic and green future by providing environmentally and socially progressive solutions in the country. We believe that we are not alone in this strive and therefore we want to make it easy for you to join. We see there are many companies and organizations that want to contribute to a sustainable development in Colombia. As a consultancy firm, C2C, accompany companies and organizations in these efforts to make change happen. We help you do good.


As a Swedish/Colombian company we have our roots in the Scandinavian business culture focusing on quality, trust, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. With our portfolio of the most innovative and green technologies found on the market today, our mission is to provide quality services to those aspiring on making a positive impact in Colombia. We offer a range of services within CSR management and project implementation, business development and establishment and the provision of environmental technology solutions.


Martina Andersson, CEO & Co-Founder

Swedish economist and entrepreneur that founded Connect 2 Colombia after winning a scholarship for the business idea in 2016. Before moving to Colombia Martina lived in Shanghai for a year, dedicating time and energy to learn chinese which today results in 5 spoken languages. Living in China really made her aware of the need for actions to adress the problems regarding climate change, so when the time came to set up a business of her own she focused on sustainable solutions. Always with positive climate and social impact.


Vivianne Aggestam, Project Manager

Vivianne Aggestam is a Swedish environmental and sustainability specialist. She moved to Colombia in 2016 after completing her doctorate degree on sustainable food production and innovation systems in Austria. Prior to that, Vivianne has working experience in Brussels where she gained experience in working on EU organic regulations with IFOAM EU Group, as well as the United Nations in New York, to harmonise the statistical transparency on the Millenium Development Goals.

Why did you join C2C?  I am very passionate and eager to contribute to the work of sustainable development in Colombia working with local communities and businesses.


Nathalie Martín Bekier, Operational Manager

Nathalie Martín Bekier is a Swedish political scientist with background in international development cooperation. She has previously worked for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with development cooperation policies as well as for other Swedish government agencies. Before moving to Colombia in 2016 she lived 5 years in Brussels working with European Confederation of Development NGOs. She has project management experience working with local communities in several Latin American countries and has also worked with private sector role in development cooperation.

Why did you join C2C? Colombia has and will continue to transform itself.  I joined C2C in order make green clean tech solutions thrive in this changing landscape.